Dolly Parton Prints

I’ve been far from oils recently as I’ve focused mostly on my Friends In Wigs pet portraits (which are on sale right now!) and classes I teach at the Painting With a Twist studio. I decided to dive right back in with a portrait of a local to East Tennessee and worldwide music star.

“I’m not offended by all the dumb blonde jokes because I know I’m not dumb… and I also know that I’m not blonde.” -Dolly Parton


Dolly Parton is not only one of the greats in Country music, she’s a businesswoman and philanthropist. She’s a strong and confident woman with great songs and she’s loved not only in her home region of East Tennessee, but across the world!

Prints are now available for PRE-ORDER! Get yours before orders close!


With love,


“Johnny is the nice one. Cash causes all the trouble.”


Recently an incredible artist from New Jersey wrote and asked me to paint a picture of Johnny Cash for her husband. Honored and humbled I got right to work, which led me here.

Sometimes I am two people. Johnny is the nice one. Cash causes all the trouble. They fight. -Johnny Cash

I am really proud of the quirky way the painting turned out and I feel so grateful to have so many people asking if they can purchase him from me. I try to keep my art unique and on-of-a-kind, but I’m happy to do quality prints of my art for people who would like them.

I am excited to say that you can currently preorder your print of the man in black! I’m unsure if I’ll be keeping the print up for order after the preorder period, so right now is the best time to get your print, if you’d like one.

Prints are signed, 10in. x 10in. archival matte with an extra 1in. border.

xoxo Hannah

The VBG: donut of the hour


This is a quick, silly post about how much I love a donut from a local, gourmet donut shop called Makers Donuts.

They were able to open after a successful crowdfunding that I contributed to last year. And I couldn’t be more happy to be a very, very small part of a fantastic community of local people and local donuts.

Okay, okay, let’s move on to the donut in question: All of their donuts are beautiful and each their own piece of art. If you see a photo of their donuts, you’ll know what I mean. They’re all very tasty, but after trying several of the flavors, including the ever changing featured donuts, my absolute favorite is the Vanilla Bean Glazed donut. I dream about this donut when I’m not with it AND when I’m with it.

The VBG –which is the new name I’ve given it because repeating the whole thing will seem super redundant– is a very simple looking donut, maybe it’s the beautiful minimalism of the soft color texture that looks like a frosted window on a cold winter morning. Maybe it’s the specks of vanilla bean that makes me feel fancy. In any case I think it’s a really lovely looking donut and I find that it’s exceptionally yummy. Therefore, the VBG is absolutely my favorite donut of theirs.


I feel like that’s saying a lot, because Makers has some really fun looking donuts that are incredibly scrumptious. If you’re a local Knoxvillian, you should obviously go and try at least one and get a coffee, or a Cruze Farm milk next door at Remedy Coffee while you’re in that little nook of North Knox.

If you happen to go try it out, or have been before and have chosen your favorite donut, share your thoughts with me! The idea of local businesses is to build community and I think this would be a good expansion of that.

xoxo Hannah

This donut is only a watercolor representation of the VBG and not the actual donut, obviously. This post has not been sponsored/endorsed by Makers Donuts, but is literally a love letter I’ve written to my favorite donut that they make. 

R&H art prompts

A friend and I decided earlier this year that we’d take turns coming up with art prompts to help each other stay productive in the practice of creating. While I’ve decided to focus mainly on watercolor or colored pencils, I think Rachel‘s moved that into different mediums.

An art prompt is essentially a word or phrase that’s used to inspire someone to create an image(s) based on the prompt given. Rachel and I will sometimes use a website, take a phrase from a poem/quote, mull over ideas for weeks, or spontaneously be inspired in a moment with an idea. We’re only 11 pieces in and the progress has been a bit slower with the addition of personal projects over the months.

#1 Skeletal structure (R)img_0039#2 Treehouse (H)


#3 Sea critter (R)


#4 “A small pair of antlers grew out his head…” (H)


#5 Teapot (R)


#6 “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you don’t stop.” -Confucius (H)


#7 Masquerade (R)


#8 Dreaming (H)


#9 Bus (R)


#10 “All art is autobiographical. The pearl is the oysters autobiography.” -Federico Fellini (H)


#11 Summer Song (R)


This will obviously be continued once we’ve added more to the collection, but in the meantime if you’re interested in joining the art prompt, send me a message below and I’ll add you to an art prompt notification email. I’d love to feature your pieces as we go! Get crazy and create with me. (I promise not to spam you)

xoxo Hannah


Won’t you be my neighbor?


I’m always surprised when people walk into my home studio, which is literally just the extra bedroom in our apartment, and recognize Fred Rogers. Obviously they always refer to him as “Mister Rogers” rather than Fred, but regardless they know who he is.

I honestly think, besides it being an alright likeness of him, people recognize the friendly neighbor in an instant because of how much of an impact he had with his gentle voice and his consistently solid lessons. I of course watched Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood as a kid but I also recently read Tim Madigan‘s book, “I’m Proud of You, My Friendship with Fred Rogers” (10/10 would read again).

Tim Madigan’s book is probably the reason I decided to paint Fred Rogers. I’ve always had a fondness in my heart for my neighbor, but “I’m Proud of You” goes behind-the-scenes of Mister Rogers. I can still see the soft colors of the images on PBS and I’m pleased to know that he was as genuine as we all felt he was.

I wouldn’t say that this portrait was necessarily the turning point in my style, but I’d say it was probably a good confirmation that my style was changing. I’ve started painting in oils and each painting has a different sort of aesthetic depth than my art before this point. After this piece gave me the confidence that my reach was evolving and growing, I wasn’t stuck in a rut of the same style and stories, I concluded to expand it into a series of influential people.

I have a somewhat rough-draft list of people I might paint in the future, with only a couple as for sure candidates. I’m already excited to share their stories and my practice with you in the near future. But I’m always really glad to hear your suggestions, people who have affected you, and/or that you look up to. Also, if you’re interested in having a painting of an icon for yourself, contact me with your ideas and for more information! I’m currently preparing to paint the “man in black” himself for someone.

xoxo Hannah

P.S. Please read “I’m Proud of You” by Tim Madigan.